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Our Buildings are Consumers

Energy is the driving force that sets all life into motion. It runs our computers and appliances; heats and cools our buildings; moves, filters and tempers our water and indoor air. Buildings consume nearly half of all the energy in the United States, according to data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. By investing in smart, high performance homes and buildings, we can conserve energy and even produce energy on site through clean, renewable resources.

Proven Advanced and Effective Home Energy Solutions in Oregon

Green Hammer’s energy conservation engineers and high performance building experts bring equal parts passion and expertise to generate tremendous energy savings and increased cash flow for our clients. With years of experience in delivering Passive House and Net Zero Energy standards to homes, buildings and communities, our expert staff leverage the world’s most cutting-edge energy modeling and hygrothermal analysis tools to carefully evaluate each design decision. With backgrounds in physics, advanced building science and environmental conservation, our entire design-build team collaborates to ensure optimal results. Whether we design-build an advanced Net-Zero-Energy Passive House or retrofit a large-scale commercial building, Green Hammer has a long history of investing in energy conservation and implementing innovative energy efficiency solutions that are healthy, durable, and cost-effective.

How Efficient and High Performance is Your Home or Building?

A trade ally of Energy Trust of Oregon, Green Hammer’s energy conservation engineers help clients in Portland, Oregon understand the cash incentives and state and federal energy tax credits available to those seeking to improve the energy efficiency and the performance of a new construction or existing home or building. ccb#163466


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