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Project Stewardship Doctrines

Every project has a set of goals, desires, and budget that must be understood, valued and prioritized throughout the design-build relationship. In the design-build process a multitude of decisions must be made that have immediate and generational impacts on people and the planet. We use our project stewardship doctrines to guide decisions and educate during the design-build process. Balanced between project goals and budget, each decision becomes an opportunity to elevate the results and foster prosperity for our clients, their communities and the natural world.


Responsibility + Conservation

Buildings impact people and our environment. It is essential to reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle. Even better are regenerative living buildings that renewably produce more than they consume, to restore the health of the world that supports us. 


Beauty + Inspiration

Buildings should evoke our senses and elevate the spirit of their surroundings. Every functional, financial and technical challenge has an appropriate and elegant solution. Inspiring spaces are a legacy for generations. 


Health + Comfort

Our wellbeing is a reflection of where we live, work and play. Healthy buildings supply fresh air and clean water, shield us from toxins, and provide a safe refuge for comfort and wellbeing in even the most extreme conditions.


Performance + Durability

Buildings are a symphony of interconnected systems with synergies that impact efficiency and lifespan. Over their lifecycle, optimized buildings minimize consumption, maximize potential, and endure.

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