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Stewardship: The Green Hammer Purpose

Nature is our ultimate classroom and an infinite source of inspiration. Buildings that mimic healthy living systems provide fresh air and clean water, create and conserve energy, and live in harmony with our natural world. A healthy building supports us personally while restoring the health of the planet. A smart building pays back with reduced operational costs and improved economic value.

At Green Hammer we embody the expertise, ingenuity and passion to transform buildings where we live, work and play. Every building is an opportunity to improve our wellbeing, financial health and relationship with nature. We create healthy and inspiring buildings, designed for people and built for life.

The Future is Now 

A pioneer of Oregon’s green building movement, Stephen Aiguier founded Green Hammer in 2002.  The company was one of the first green builders in Oregon to focus solely on environmentally friendly building. By 2009, Green Hammer had built five of the first LEED-Platinum homes in the United States, trained numerous staff as Passive House consultants, and grew into a full-service design-build firm.  

Green Hammer with its team of architects and builders has designed and built nearly four-dozen eco-friendly residences that have received Passive House, LEED Platinum, Earth Advantage Platinum or Living Building Challenge™ (LBC) certifications. Most recently Green Hammer led the design-build and rigorous LBC certification process for the tasting room at Cowhorn Vineyard & Garden. Completed in 2016, it's the world’s first winery to receive LBC Petal Certification and is on target for full LBC Certification after a required 1-year verification period. 

Green Hammer also designed and built Ankeny Row, an Earth Advantage Platinum Zero-Energy, age-in-place community in southeast Portland. In 2016, the five townhomes and commons building at Ankeny Row produced 18 percent more electricity than they consumed utilizing a rooftop solar system. In 2012, Green Hammer led the design-build of the Capaces Leadership institute, which was the first commercial Passive House office space in the United States.

As consultants on larger-scale environmentally friendly construction projects, Green Hammer served as the Passive House Consultant on Orchards at Orenco, an affordable housing project and at completion was the largest multi-family Passive House apartment project in the nation. Green Hammer also served as the air-tightness consultant on Rocky Mountain Institute’s new Zero-Net-Energy office building, which also recently achieved LBC Petal Certification. 

"The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark."

-Michalangelo Buonarroti

Design-build a healthier future.
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