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Russell Vaniea

  • Russell Vaniea

With a degree in civil engineering and a background in home remodeling, Russell brings a broad skill set to Green Hammer.

Having grown up in a neolithic version of a net-zero home in LaGrande, Oregon, Russell says he was drawn to Green Hammer because of its mission. He believes passive design, like craftsmanship, is essential to any construction project.  

Russell has a degree in civil engineering and a background in home remodeling, bringing a broad skill set to Green Hammer. He brings an infectious enthusiasm to everything he does. In team settings, he is often the connective glue that keeps everyone moving toward the end goal. 

 Off the jobsite, Russell builds furniture and enjoys applying material science to his designs. He enjoys hiking in untrammeled paths and has an obsession for skipping stones — a talent he says was instilled by his Dad. 

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