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Carl and Galen, Homeowners

From our initial plans to the day we moved back into our house, everyone that we worked with was kind, communicative, supportive and helpful. Despite warnings from everyone we knew about working with contractors, Green Hammer was dedicated to finishing our project in the time frame that was required. We absolutely love our house and could not have been happier with the experience.

A.P., Homeowner

When we purchased a house that need “a lot” of work, we knew from the get-go that we wanted a firm like Green Hammer to fix it up: local, environmentally conscious and sustainability-minded, and integrated. In a process that took well over a year, Green Hammer guided us through an interior and exterior design-build, turning the somewhat unloved house we'd purchased into a beautiful energy-efficient home that we feel so lucky to live in every day. We recommend Green Hammer at every opportunity and are extremely grateful for all their hard work turning our house in a gorgeous sustainable home.

Adrian H., Homeowner

Working with Green Hammer on our remodel project was a pleasure. We had completed a remodel on another house in the past and knew how important it was to have a strong team in place. We chose well with Green Hammer. They exceeded our expectations and approached the project with integrity. Not only that, but they came in on-budget and ahead of schedule. We have nothing but good things to say about our experience with them.

Ben G., Central City Concern

Green Hammer collaborated with our project team to help turn our ambitious goal for a deep- energy retrofit of a multifamily building into a reality. They provided critical technical assistance, including energy modeling and design assistance early in the design process. With keen attention to detail and good communication, they helped us create a phased plan for energy-efficiency improvements that met our financial constraints and continuous occupancy needs. We reduced energy use in our 106-unit building by almost 30%.

Bernadette D. + Paul F., Homeowners

Green Hammer was flexible and creative dealing with our budget and time restraints, and delivered a wonderful design that fits our family's needs. It’s obvious that Green Hammer is careful in who it employs, as everyone we worked with was a joy to be around. Our family was really lucky to have found Green Hammer. We sleep easy every night as a result.

Bob D., Homeowner

Throughout the entire design and construction process, the Green Hammer team was consistently flexible, trustworthy and thoroughly professional. They were responsive to our questions and suggestions, and generously facilitated our involvement in the design and construction of the house. And, they're fun to be around. Green Hammer consistently demonstrated that they cared as much about the quality of the house as we did. They clearly wanted us to be happy in our new home. And we certainly are.


We hired Green Hammer as our general contractor/designer/architect for major renovations to our mid-century Portland home. We have owned five homes and completed many renovations over the years, but none came close to the quality and discipline of Green Hammer. Their planning, budgeting, communication and inspection processes were superb. Their design services were creative and economic. They really understood our goals and sense of design.

Dave and Debbie Hill

Green Hammer was completely trustworthy during the design-build process, making it possible to build a home 2,600 miles away from our existing home. Our questions and concerns were addressed promptly. Our project manager provided pictures and updates regularly during construction.

Deborah H., Homeowner

We can happily say that working with Green Hammer was a great experience. The team was professional, friendly and all-around nice to work with. The “green” in Green Hammer is what interested us most, and they did not disappoint. Green Hammer made sure our goals for an eco-friendly remodel were met. We are thrilled with the results.

E. Balduzzi

There are many things to praise about Green Hammer. First, Green Hammer is made up of smart, extremely competent professionals who are shining examples of the company's values. They really love their work and they convey that enthusiasm readily. Second, their craftsmanship is bar-none. Their attention to detail is without rival. They are exacting and really care about getting it right. We had twice monthly meeting to discuss the progress and budget. We were impressed with their ability to predict costs and stay within budget. We highly recommend Green Hammer to anyone who values quality, transparency and congeniality, and wants their project to be as earth-friendly as possible. If these are your values, Green Hammer is the obvious choice. It certainly was for us!

Eileen W., Homeowner

It was great working with Green Hammer. As usual, they did an excellent job and I appreciate how they were able to keep close to the estimated budget, even though I requested additional work. I'll be contacting Green Hammer again when I'm ready to start my next project.

Jennifer V. + Fritz P., Homeowners

We had a great experience working with Green Hammer. They are knowledgeable, experienced, fun, and perhaps most importantly, good listeners. They designed and built the project we wanted and it works for our family. It’s absolutely beautiful.

Lavinia Gordon, Homeowner

We feel extremely fortunate to have chosen Green Hammer to design-build Ankeny Row, our net zero energy co-housing project in SE Portland. The project consists of five townhouses, a loft apartment and a common room, all built to Passive House standards. We have lived in our new homes for over a year, and we are generating more electricity than we use!

Robin Cash + Mark Darienzo, Homeowners

The longer we are in our house, "The PH@ Cash House", the more we love it! Everyone who comes to our new house remarks on how peaceful the house seems. It’s just the right temperature all the time. During the first year of living in our new all-electric powered home, we spent a total of $201.16 on electricity. This is less than a tenth of what we spent on gas and electricity combined in our last home. Feeling warm in the winter and cool in the summer while saving energy is a nice benefit of our new home. But what’s truly priceless is the peaceful feeling that we experience while in the house.

Tim G. + Angie P., Homeowners

We approached Green Hammer when we needed help selecting durable and eco-friendly materials for our new siding. We wound up with a fabulous exterior design that uses an interesting mix of low-maintenance materials. Green Hammer also helped us make interior improvements that delight us every day. money.

Jessica Woodruff, Director of Housing, REACH Community Development Center

REACH decided to pursue Passive House construction with a 57-unit multifamily building in Hillsboro, Oregon. REACH and our general contractor had no previous experience with Passive House construction, so we hired Green Hammer as our consultant. Green Hammer’s participation on our team was critical to our success. Green Hammer was dedicated and patient as we worked through the details, demonstrating a true team effort. In the summer of 2015, we celebrated the opening of the largest Passive House in North America and owe Green Hammer our gratitude. The project has received several awards, including the 2015 Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) Building Project Competition in the Best Overall Project and the Best Affordable Housing Project categories. We look forward to a long relationship with Green Hammer.

Brienne Wasmer, 2YokeDesign, Interior Designer

The talented and hard-working individuals at Green Hammer have been a pleasure to work with. I have had the honor of working on numerous residential remodels, new construction as well as a prominent commercial building, all of which exceed national building standards in the way of sustainability. Thank you Green Hammer, for paving the way for better communities and exceptionally beautiful, healthy built environments!

Michael Moyers, medium, Landscape Architect

I have had the opportunity to provide design services to Green Hammer and their clients on both a residential project and a multi-family sustainable housing project, and I’ve found all the members of the team to be highly professional, creative and results-oriented. I highly recommend the Green Hammer team for sustainable projects of any scale.

Anita Van Asperdt, LandCurrent Landscape Architects

I worked with Green Hammer on the FineLine Custom Home. This was an exceptional project with outstanding craft and attention to detail both in design and construction. Outstanding results are only possible if design and construction professionals work toward the same goals in a deep collaborative manner.

Ryan Shanahan, Industry Partner

I am a Green Building Consultant at Earth Advantage and have had the pleasure of certifying many of Green Hammer's projects to various green building standards including: Earth Advantage, ENERGY STAR, PHIUS+ (Passive House), as well as our Zero Energy Ready standard. Green Hammer continues to be a leader in pushing the envelope of what is possible in green and energy-efficient construction practices, and has earned several of Earth Advantage's prestigious Green Builder of the Year awards to recognize them for this effort.

Stephanie Dyer, Dyer Studio Inc, Interior Designer

From a client perspective, Green Hammer provides exceptional guidance on budget and timeline. The well-balanced, highly attuned staff and extensive subcontractor connections enable them to cast reliable projections, and instill a high degree of confidence in clients. From my designer perspective, Green Hammer’s highly organized approach provides me with a clear map from which to develop an efficient design strategy. Exceptional communication and organization are at the heart of Green Hammer’s success.

Sustainable NW Wood, Industry Partner

Green Hammer walks the walk when it comes to sustainability. They are a champion of truly green products and fill their projects with sustainably sourced, beautiful, high-quality materials.

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