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Green Hammer

Water is Essential to Life

Essential to all living organisms, water covers 71% of the Earth’s surface, yet the vast majority is saline and only 0.8% is available fresh water. Fresh water can only be renewed through the water cycle where water evaporates, forms clouds, and returns as precipitation. Climate change has dramatically shifted the distribution and availability of fresh water globally and will continue to do so.

Beyond the realities of scarcity the dollar signs are adding up too. Water prices in the United States are rising more rapidly than any other utility and the forecast is for that to continue due to access, municipal upgrades, and the direct impact energy costs have on moving our water around.

Innovative Water Systems

The first Water Sense partner in Oregon, Green Hammer recognizes water is essential for life and should not be taken for granted. From the design-build and permitting of multiple potable rainwater harvesting systems to innovative botanical water purification and recycling, Green Hammer is experienced in water conservation and implementing innovative systems. Years of experience have helped us develop and deliver proven cost effective systems for Net Zero Water buildings. A Net Zero Water building collects, recycles, and cleans as much water as it consumes annually. Along this path we’ve also found countless affordable, safe, and durable solutions to reduce, reuse, and recycle water within buildings, and we offer this expertise to all of our clients.