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Green Hammer

The Integrated Advantage

We adhere to the fundamental belief that a unified team produces the best results. This concept of team synergy is pervasive in nature: a flock of geese, a colony of bees, and even the cells in our own body reveal how a group can maximize individual abilities by working together towards a greater outcome than singular efforts could possibly produce.

From the beginning of every project, we weave our clients into a unified design-build team where their dreams, goals, values and budget become our holistic objective. At each step along our design-build process, our clients engage with the various disciplines of our integrated team, all of whom are focused on clearly defined outcomes. It is essential that each element of design is inspiring and evaluated for optimal performance, implementation, and cost. Budget realities are constantly communicated in unison with elegant design, world-class building and natural science expertise, and a deep knowledge of craft and implementation strategies. Every phase of the project is cohesive and informed by a united and consistent team to ensure the only surprise is one of exceptional delight.

A Dynamic and Cohesive Whole

As a multidisciplinary team we are able to integrate a multitude of ‘in-house’ services and build the strongest synergies within our design-build process to best meet the needs of every client and project. When appropriate, we are also able to deliver individual service expertise and collaborate outside of our team to suit the demands of any project. In this case, we bring the added benefit of our deep experience of constant integration for the best and most comprehensive results. 

We are a cohesive team of individual experts who work dynamically in a unified effort to engage our clients, meet their goals and exceed expectations. With each project, we aim to transform our clients into raving fans and lifetime members of the Green Hammer family.

“None of us is as smart as all of us.”

-Kenneth H. Blanchard