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Green Hammer

Proven, Cost-Effective Efficiency

In a design-build process the client works together with their design-build team under a single contract from project conception through final completion. An integrated, multi-disciplinary team of architects, designers and construction experts fuse cutting-edge design concepts with state-of-the art building science to deliver the highest and most inspiring results – effectively, efficiently and on-budget – all while enjoying the process.

The converse approach is design-bid-build, where a project is designed and built under separate contracts.  A key criticism with design-bid-build is that each phase tends to happen in a silo of information; the design phase is completed without valuable input from the construction professionals to optimize constructability, and the construction phase is lacking adequate involvement from the architects. In this approach, opportunities are missed in the design phase to save costs, reduce waste, optimize and innovate for efficiency; and on the build side, critical design elements are cut out or missed, including opportunities to improve aesthetics.

The Historical Roots of Design-Build

Unified design-build is not a new concept; in fact it’s the most ancient form of project delivery in the construction industry. Originally coined ‘master builder’, design-builders and their unified teams have created some of the world’s most significant architectural works. The most renowned buildings in Rome were designed and built by Gian Lorenzo Bernini and Francesco Borromini, geniuses of design-build who defined the Roman Baroque era with great works, such as the Piazza San Pietro and the church of Sant'Ivo alla Sapienza. Their design-build brilliance came from their artistic passion for creating inspiring work to elevate the human spirit and an instinctive drive to set and raise the highest standards. It’s this essence of Bernini, Borromini, and countless others in the great history of design-build that inspires the culture of our unified team.

Optimizing for Modern Living

The world has much evolved since the days of Bernini and Borromini, and now it’s not enough to create functional masterpieces of art. Today, we must also optimize for indoor air quality, energy efficiency, water conservation, comfort, and durability. We must design and build faster and more cost effectively than ever before.  We must eliminate waste and toxins, simplify our processes, and source locally. At Green Hammer, we are a design-build team of artists, engineers, craftsmen, and facilitators with a passion and innate drive to inspire, create, perfect and continually elevate the results of our work. As a unified design-build team, we create the greatest value for our clients while we build prosperity for life.

The Best Results for Clients

Worldwide, the design-build approach has proven to be the fastest, most cost effective way to create the best results for construction clients.

Faster Delivery:

Lower Overall Project Cost:

Improved Quality:

Reduced Liability:

An Enjoyable Process: