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Green Hammer

Robin Cash + Mark Darienzo, Homeowners

I wanted to tell you that the longer I am in our house, "The PH@ Cash House", the more I love it! Katie predicted that "once you move in and see how bright it is you will love it." Well, this is so true. I suffer from SAD (becoming depressed during our long GRAY winter). But last winter I was not one bit depressed. In addition to being bright, the house is so quiet, in a peaceful way. I was never aware of how "un-peaceful" our other house was. Everyone who comes to our new house remarks on how peaceful our house seems. It is pretty much magically the right temperature all the time. You said you thought we would need foliage to block the summer heat but though we do hope to have foliage by next summer, this summer even with no foliage in at all the house was cool all the time. This summer we had the mini split on only 2 or 3 times, and each of those times we had over 15 people at our house. Even on those occasions we only had it on for a few hours.  

I read an article in the New York Times that said the energy savings of a passive house are not enough to make up for the extra construction cost, but I disagree. We moved in in July of 2012. For the last 12 months we have paid a total of $201.16 to run our all-electric home. This is less than a tenth of what we spent on gas and electricity in our other home. At that house, like at this house, I kept the temperature turned to 67, but in our other house I was cold all winter long! Being warm in the winter and cool in the summer while saving energy is nice, but the peaceful feeling that everyone who comes to our home experiences is truly priceless.


Bernadette D. + Paul F., Homeowners

I could absolutely write all day on how pleased I am with your home performance team! I'd like to especially call out Constance and Devan who went above and beyond and who have given us such a degree of confidence in your work and service that we went forward with our kitchen remodel with you. 

And there we found two exceptional folks also- Rob and Katie. Professional, highly responsive and smart! And SO easy to work with. Katie has been particularly amazing and creative dealing with our budget and time restraints and has delivered a wonderful design that fits our family's needs so well. She is such a great listener and incredibly professional in her delivery. 

All natural collaborators and it's obvious you are careful in who you employ as all we have met are a joy to be around. Our family was really lucky to have have hired Green Hammer! We sleep easy every night as a result!


Bob D., Homeowner

We're thrilled with the ease and comfort of living in our new Passive House. Throughout the entire design and construction process, the Green Hammer team was consistently flexible, trustworthy and thoroughly professional. They were responsive to our questions and suggestions, and generously facilitated our involvement in the design and construction of the house. And they're fun to be around. Green Hammer consistently demonstrated that they cared as much about the quality of the house as we did. They clearly wanted us to be happy in our new home. And we certainly are.


Diana R., Homeowner

We have noticed that the mold has disappeared completely from the basement, including the shower where it was particularly prevalent. Additionally, in the past our five-year-old daughter has struggled with colds and respiratory illnesses that have lasted weeks. Her two colds thus far this year have resolved themselves in a couple of days… We have noticed overall how comfortable the house is in general. We have set our thermostat 3-4 degrees cooler than in the past and it actually feels warmer inside now that the draftiness has been reduced.


Jessica W., REACH Community Development Center

Green Hammer has been instrumental in navigating a complex deal with a large project team. It is clear to REACH that Green Hammer excels in working collaboratively on challenging and innovative projects. We are confident their involvement will help us achieve our energy efficient goals.


Eileen W., Homeowner

It was great working with Green Hammer. As usual, they did an excellent job for me and I appreciate how they were able to keep close to the estimated budget, even though I requested additional work. I'll be contacting Green Hammer again when I'm ready to finish the basement or maybe expand the attic space :)


Deborah H., Homeowner

We can happily say that working with Green Hammer was a great experience. The team was professional, friendly and just all around nice to deal with. The “green” in Green Hammer is what I was most interested in, and they did not disappoint. Green Hammer made sure our concerns for an earth friendly remodel were addressed. We are thrilled with our beautiful kitchen and insulated walls! 


Ben G., Central City Concern

Green Hammer collaborated with our project team to help turn our ambitious goal for a deep- energy retrofit of a multifamily building into a reality. They provided critical technical assistance early in the design process, including energy modeling and design assistance. With keen attention to detail and good communication, they helped us create a plan for phased energy-efficiency improvements that worked with our financial constraints and continuous occupancy. Phase one is now complete and has reduced energy use in our 106-unit building by almost 30%.


Tim G. + Angie P., Homeowners

We approached Green Hammer when we needed new siding and we wanted someone with vision to help us select the materials. During the design process, Jan, our Green Hammer architect, got to know our tastes and some annoying things about our house. We wound up with a fabulous exterior design that uses an interesting mix of low-maintenance materials and some interior improvements that delight us every day. Our Green Hammer Project Manager, Rob, worked hand-in-hand with Jan during the design and budgeting phase. Rob has a fabulous combination of project management skills and construction experience, and helped us define what work we could do ourselves to save money. Most contracting firms don't want DIYers to slow down the project. Rob kept us informed of the budget and schedule every step of the way. 


Jennifer V. + Fritz P., Homeowners

We had a great experience working with Green Hammer. They are knowledgeable, experienced, fun, and perhaps most importantly, good listeners. They designed and built the project that we wanted and that worked for our family. And, not at the bottom of the list, it is absolutely beautiful. 


Adrian H., Homeowner

Green Hammer is… an amazing team to work with. I have a ton of admiration for how much care they take in doing their jobs and how well they do it.